We recognize the difficulty many Americans are facing currently with high inflation. So, we at MPJINEWSIMAGES until December 31st, 2022. Are going to provide high-quality news Images to the NNPA and CBM members at a very reasonable price of $30.00 per image. This is a reduction from $50.00 per image. We are also going to provide a special price if you use multiple photos in an article. That price will be $90.00 for five photos a savings of $60.00. We hope this will help you provide high-quality news images to go along with your stories for your readers to enjoy and give you an opportunity to save some money.


Single Image

  • All Media
  • Digital And Print
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  • Purchase Five Single Photos Get One Free.

Five Image Packages

  • All Media
  • ┬áDigital And Print
  • Not for advertisement
  • Purchase Five Image Package Get One Image Free.
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