“We Wish To Capture Our Own Images. Too Long Others Have Been Given That Right Over Us”


American’s completely black owned news image service. It’s advocacy through the years has opened the door for black photojournalists to get a start in the photojournalism industry. Advocating for the Black Press of America to Have the same equal access to cover news events as mainstream media.

Mpjinewsimages is the Los Angeles/Southern California Bureau for California Black Press Images. Which represents thirty black-owned newspapers and radio stations in California.

HG Star One News Photos was established in Miami, FL in 1986. HG Star One News Photos, which is now MPJI News and Images Service, is meant to provide the Black media with national and international news stories and images. Due to the limited budgets of most Black media outlets, with there only being 206 throughout the nation and the Caribbean, many don’t have the ability nor the equipment to have photographers in their home cities and states as well as nationally and internationally, on the ground for major news stories.

MPJ I News and Images Service has a 32-year history and relocated from Miami to Los Angeles CA in 1989. Since that time, we have been a constant presence in news coverage throughout Los Angeles, its surrounding areas, and the U.S., with us expanding our reach internationally, providing high-quality news images to the Black Media as well as MSM outlets. In the process, MPJI News and Images Service has made history four times in the coverage of major news events.

We have also advocated for the rights of the Black Media to have equal access and representation when it comes to the coverage of major news, sports, and entertainment events. MPJ I News and Images Service is still willing to take whatever steps necessary to ensure that the Black Media will have a seat at the table, and have their voices heard both literally and visually, especially when the stories pertain to African Americans and other people of color.

MPJI News and Images Service believe in equal opportunities and access for all, so we will provide news stories and images to all media. But first and foremost, our reason for being is to tell our stories, make our voices heard, and present our images in a way that accurately represents us as a people, our achievements, and how we’ve helped in the building of America.

First African American-owned computerized news photo service. (1994)

First African American-owned news photo service to cover the celebrated Emmys from inside the auditorium.

First African American-owned news photo service to cover the prestigious Breeder’s Cup Horse Race. (1997)

First African American owned news photo service to be in the pool at the Geronimo Pratt hearing, who is the Black Panther member who
was wrongly accused of murder.

Only African American-owned news service to have a continuous field position for the Super Bowl.

MAIS covered special events for five presidents of the United States: Barack Obama, George Bush Jr., William Clinton, George Bush Sr. and Ronald Reagan. He also served as one of President Barack Obama’s official photographers in California during the 2008 Presidential Campaign.


Recipient of the Ford Motor Company “2013 Ford Freedom Unsung Award Winner” in education, for teaching youth photojournalism, photography and broadcasting.

1990 Recipient of the Los Angeles Black Gallery photo contest in photojournalism and portraits.
NNPA best picture award.


History-Making And Famous-Making News Images

Haywood Accepting National Award For Teaching Photojournalism.

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